postheadericon The Most Popular Online Poker types in Thailand

Thailand is a growing hub of พนัน ออนไลน์ as there are not as such live casinos to go and play poker. There are few illegal sites but are dangerous to deal with black money and power politics. People interested in poker can make a trip to Macau for experiencing live casinos. Meanwhile, online poker is an excellent option for those who love gambling.

There are a few online poker games that are famous in Thailand. Each of them has something or else special; let’s explore a few best ones:

Texas Hold’em

The version of poker is the most famous worldwide game because of its simple rules and easy understanding. Texas hold’em is played by two to ten people. They get five community cards face up, which can be used by all players in 4 rounds. It is the player who has the highest five-card poker hand at showdown who wins the pot.

PaiGow Poker

It is a game of taking on the house rather than fellow players. This feature makes it interesting. After the distribution of 7 cards, the player has to make two pools of 5 and 2 cards in each hand respectively. Beat the dealer with each hand to win the pot.

7-Card Stud

In this game, the dealer hands out seven cards to each player, three down and four faces up. The odds of generating a hand go up with a 7-card stud because you have two extra cards.

5-Card Draw

It is amongst the simplest form of poker so, is an all-time favourite at home games around the world. It becomes a handy choice to try hands-on and play because it requires very little preparation. What you require is a deck of cards and a minimum of two players. The dealer gives five cards to each player. The players should use only those five cards to make a winning jack.


This variant is prevalent and is similar to that of Texas. The only difference that lies is, there are four hole cards buttwo cards in Texas. The player has to make the two pool of the cards.

While playing online, payment methods are another big deal. There are few prioritized online poker sites in Thailand which make it quick and easy for you to move funds around. There are many widely accepted e-wallets which are trustworthy. But for the safer side, always check the reviews of the payment gateway if it is not a fraud. If full reviews are positive, they can rely on the gateway. Be careful while making payments; do not hurry, and calmly deal with the process and conditions. If your payment stuck somewhere, read the states, and follow the procedure. If the sites are reliable, need not worry, they take your worries seriously and make you satisfied in a few days. 

Amateur and passionate bettors should try their hands on online poker and earn a few bucks. They are fun to spend leisure hours.

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